Sophie's Night Out

We've discovered a little insight about Sophie: she loves concerts. 

Whenever we head down to Marble Brewery (just a few blocks from our house) we usually ride our bikes and bring Sophie along. 

She really loves taking in a good concert. 

It's pretty funny to watch her just chill out and watch the band play. 

Here she is posing for the camera. 

But clearly she'd rather be watching the band. 

It's even more ironic to see her so chill because if you know Sophie, she is anything but a relaxed kind of pup.

German Shepherds are notoriously hyper-active and Soph is no exception. To say that she requires a lot of exercise would be an understatement. 

But as you can see, she's never truly relaxed- always one ear open and alert!


Country Breakfast

Biscuits and gravy. From scratch. 

When we started out making breakfast biscuits and gravy was not the intent. 

In fact, when Wayne suggested gravy I gave him the "that's disgusting, are you out of your mind?" look.

(I'm not really a "country cooking/comfort food" kind of girl.) 

Turns out, it was pretty damn tasty. 

The biscuits are whole wheat and made from scratch. 

I'm usually too intimidated to make bread-type foods so I'm pretty proud of the biscuits (which are more-or-less the easiest thing too make, ha!). 

Not the healthiest of breakfasts, but calories don't count on Sunday, right? 


Casual Friday

It's mid July and this is my version of "casual Friday" at work. 

I feel very army-esque with the aviators and army-green top.

You can see this top styled differently in a previous post here


4th of July

I think I've spent most of 2011 wishing for summer. 

Well, it's here in a BIG way. 

Now I think I'll spend my summer wishing for the temperate weather of autumn...

But in the mean time, I've been soaking up the heat next to a pool as much as possible! 

Which is exactly how I spent my Independence Day this year (and have the sunburn to prove it!). 

Pre-pool Panama hat (straight from Panama)

Pool time 

Frank, Julia, Wayne and Walt

And what kind of American would I be if I didn't celebrate the holiday with a little BBQ? 

Hope you had a good one, too. 


Love these Looks.

A little style inspiration for your upcoming week from some of my go-to fashion bloggers.


Greek Yogurt

I hate yogurt.

I wish I didn't.

I know all the probiotics and whatnot are super good for you.

But the sour tangy-ness of it all does not excite my palette.

So when Wayne requested pancakes for breakfast last weekend I decided to make Greek yogurt pancakes (more protein than regular yogurt).

So I made these Greek yogurt pancakes from this recipe on Food.com.

I made a few modifications: I used wheat flour and didn't add any sugar.

I also added chopped walnuts to the batter.

They were delish!

What's your favorite twist on pancakes?


Sunset Wine Club

One of the best gift's I've ever received was a subscription to Sunset magazine's wine club.

As part of the wine club you receive a bottle of red and white wine in the mail every few weeks (a lovely surprise every time!).

Accompanied with the wine is a recipe pairing.

My intentions were to cook the suggested recipe with every bottle.

Well, it only happened once.

But luckily I took photographic evidence!

The bottle: a 2007 Syrah from Napa Valley.

The suggested pairing: burgers with chipotle barbeque sauce.

Pairing the wine and recipe was fun little experiment and I highly suggest wine club memberships if you ever need gift ideas.

What are some other good wine clubs?
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